High-End Kitchen Design and Custom Cabinetry 



Traditional kitchen designs are a specialty of Osborne Design House. Whatever the demands for your high-end kitchen or pantry, we can bring it to life with the finest materials, finishes and custom-designed details.

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Bringing together the best of traditional and contemporary designs, transitional kitchens evoke timeless styles while introducing the perfect blend of essential materials - wood, stainless steel, glass and stone.


Our modern kitchen designs are sleek, stylish and stunning. With meticulous attention to proportions, alignment and the latest in European finishes and design elements, our modern kitchens work in homes of all eras.



Timeless beauty for a new century

Our Traditional, Classic, and “New Traditional,” designs all have in common a sophisticated elegance and attention to meticulous detail. Old World styles and period reproductions are also specialties, which might include hand carved details or sophisticated finishing techniques, for both wood and paint finishes. Moreover, all traditional designs can also include the latest in hardware, interior accessories, and storage conveniences. Selecting the right appliances is also important, both for functionality as well as aesthetics. The traditional concept of the “hearth” is usually a focal point, with a well-designed vent hood over the cooking area.




where timeless and modern meet

Many homes today are not traditional or modern. These “Transitional” homes often reflect a casual, comfortable lifestyle in both the architecture and interior design. Beautiful and timeless, there are many design possibilities for a transitional home. Many of these combine simple but pure materials such as wood, stone, metal, and glass. Again, attention to appliances is a must, along with countertop, backsplash, and flooring designs and materials. We can help you design a stunning transitional kitchen, bar, home theatre, master bath, or closet.




the cutting edge of kitchen design

The clean lines of our contemporary kitchens reflect a beautiful simplicity in the design, uncluttered and functional, ergonomic and convenient. The design possibilities range from gloss finishes to gorgeous wood veneers, which add warmth to the room and design. Oftentimes, a combination of finishes is used, which adds visual interest and complexity to the design. Modern designs require attention to many details, especially the rectilinear grid of the vertical and horizontal seams of the cabinetry, and of course the proportion and scale of the cabinetry doors and panels. There are many fantastic appliances for a modern or contemporary kitchen, and we can suggest the best options for cooking and design.